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Campus Vision

The vision of Laura Bush Middle School is to maintain an exemplary climate, staff, and innovative environment designed to meet students’ unique needs in order to educate and equip all students with life skills to reach their fullest potential academically, socially, and personally.
I. Climate - An Exemplary School
A. Provides a place where students feel comfortable, safe and accepted
B. Promotes open communication between parents, teachers, students which encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation  
C. Acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of students and staff in learning and leadership
D. Develops the concept of community through academic and extracurricular activities with a focus on character development
II. Staff - An Exemplary Staff
A. Focuses on increased student achievement with instruction methods that reflect current research and proven effective classroom practices
B. Supports the school's mission, vision, values and goals in attitude and action
C. Models the importance of lifelong learning through their commitment to ongoing professional development 
D. Works to create conditions that promote student success 
E. Encourages colleagues and students in an atmosphere of support and respect F. Models professionalism through personal integrity, commitment, and ethical behavior
G. Collaborates to improve student learning (instructional strategies, methods, and assessments)
III. Academic Excellence - In an Exemplary School
A. Integrate the C-Scope curriculum by using the systemic model in the four content areas.
B. High levels of achievement are accomplished through measurable academic standards aligned with the major instructional goals
C. Focus is placed on character development which incorporates respect, social skills, and moral integrity into academic concepts D. The concept of teamwork through academic and extracurricular activities is developed
IV. Students - In an Exemplary School
A. Accept responsibility for their learning and their actions
B. Set challenging goals and give their best effort to achieve high academic standards
C. Behave toward other students and teachers in a manner consistent with good character (considerate, responsible, and committed)
D. Encourage each other in an atmosphere of support
E. Become involved in school and community service
V. Parents and Community Support - In an Exemplary School the parents and/or community
A. Play an active role in the academic education and character development of the students
B. Form partnerships with teachers to demonstrate the importance of education
C. Monitor their student's academic progress
B. Are involved with the school by volunteering their time and/or service
E. Are supportive of the school's vision, goals, and mission